Did you know that saving the lives of little children in regions of extreme poverty will decrease the overall growth of population in the long run? Or that the deaths caused by natural disasters decreased throughout the 20th century?

Today, I want to present you a tool I spent too much time on in the last couple of hours. For me, many of the statistics I found on gapminder.org were real eye-openers and I hope it will have the same effect on you. “Gapminder.org collects and presents socio-economic data from all over the world and it invites you to make connections and discover correlations between economic developments and developments in health, education and poverty among others.

Gapminder.org has the mission to counter ignorance. It tackles common myths about worldwide developments by presenting statistical facts.

The special feature of gapminder.org is that you can create individual charts by defining the x- and y-axes and you have numerous indicators to choose from. For example what about the correlation between fertility rate and life span, or the percentage of adults with HIV depending on the growth of population? Apart from the possibility to create and design your individual data for your research there is a vast amount of videos available in which Hans Rosling, a Swedish professor of statistics and member of the gapminder.org foundation, presents and explains worldwide developments based on the data collected.

And now, hopefully I could motivate some of you to close your individual gaps regarding the state of our world and to reveal some unknown correlations.

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