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Caitlin is a second year student of International Relations at Groningen University and the secretary of Checks and Balances. She has a special interest in human rights issues and international politics. While writing for Checks and Balances she hopes to inform readers truthfully about global news.

What’s happening in Pakistan?

On Sunday night, the law minister of Pakistan, Zahid Hamid, was forced to resign after days of protests in the nation’s capital, Islamabad.  But how and why did this forced resignation occur? The protests began weeks ago, under the leadership of Khadim Hussain Rizvi. His followers had been occupying a road on the outskirts of the city in an attempt ... Read More »

Irish women continue to fight for their reproductive rights

Although the Republic of Ireland is a modern, western European country, with liberal values and an improving economy its female reproductive rights can be compared to those in countries such as Haiti, Somalia, Brazil, Iran, and Uganda. Ireland has the strictest abortion laws in Europe, apart from Malta. Abortion is considered illegal and is punishable with a 14-year prison sentence. ... Read More »