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What reveals most about a person are the little things they do; not the big gestures - or so I've heard. The same applies for events in politics. The small things we never hear about can have massive consequences. I am interested in uncovering both the unknown and finding new perspectives on the known and how both are shaping the political landscape today.

Presidential Elections Sparking Riots in Honduras

The elections in Honduras last November were supposed to go smoothly and secure the position of current president Juan Orlando Hernández. Then the counting of the votes began and the events unfolded as unstoppable as an unfinished domino course started too soon.  On the evening of the 26th November, nothing seemed suspicious. As 60% of the votes have already been ... Read More »

The Australian dual-citizenship scandal – How the Constitution sparked a government crisis

One article in the Australian Constitution which has no connection to every-day political business could bring down the Australian government. It sparked the dual-citizenship scandal that is spreading further through the parliament’s ranks. Australia is one of the countries that rank close to Canada and the United States in terms of immigration. Many people immigrating also apply for the Australian ... Read More »