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Jannick Scheepstra
Jannick Scheepstra is a fourth-year IRIO student and C&B Multimedia Editor. He is interested in identity politics and minority rights, as well as environmental policy. He aims to cover subjects that often fall by the wayside in mainstream western media and offer fresh perspectives on IR.

Rodrigo and the Rainbow: Same-sex marriage in the Philippines

Rodrigo Duterte, the President of the Philippines, has become notorious for his rowdy rhetoric and supercharged war on drugs. Last month, however, he struck a remarkably progressive tone on a wholly different issue. At an LGBT gathering in his hometown of Davao City on December 17, Duterte declared his support for marriage equality, saying that “If that is the trend ... Read More »

Greatest Nation on Earth?: the Downside to Patriotism

Despite the dramatic partisan polarisation the United States has seen over the past two decades, there is one thing on which all US politicians seem to agree: America is the Greatest Nation on Earth. Their interpretations may differ – from Reagan’s proud Shining City on a Hill to Obama’s unique brand of modest, self-critical belief in American potential – but ... Read More »