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Lucia is a second year student of IRIO in Groningen. She has a special interest in the environment and in international organisations. As a reporter of Checks & Balances, she aims at asking critical questions whilst trying to open readers' eyes that would otherwise remain closed.

Satire – A Humorous Means to Enhance Political Participation?

Satire has long been a tradition in many European countries. Historians describe caricature drawings of King Louis XVI of France having an impact on the French population on the eve of the French Revolution. Since large parts of the population were illiterate, caricatures were easier to grasp than the written word in leaflets as a means to raise awareness of ... Read More »

Turkey’s Military Invasion in Northern Syria

While most people know about the fighting in the Syrian Civil War between troops loyal to president Baschar al-Assad and the rebels, mainly lead by the Free Syrian Army, there are other actors that are involved in this longstanding conflict. Al-Assad is backed by Russia and Iran while the US supports opposition groups through military means. One of these groups ... Read More »

Failing of Jamaica and the Implications for Germany

The island in the Caribbean has in fact little to do with a political development in central Europe. Late on Sunday evening news from the coalition talks in Berlin shocked the German population and beyond: 8 weeks of continuous and long coalition talks after the German parliament elections came to an abrupt end. The parties that attempted to form a ... Read More »

A Big Mess in the Oceans – And No One to Clean Up?

It is a normal part of our daily life, it comes in all different shapes and sizes and is used in a variety of ways – plastic. Ever since its invention in the first half of the 20th century, modern industry can barely be imagined without it. We are the ones who demand and consume plastic – from the toothbrush ... Read More »