My interest of research focuses on subjects related to system inequality expressed in lack of participatory democracy, geopolitical dynamics, and impacts of economic sanctions. I like to think of writing as a way of critically reflecting upon conditions that are generally perceived as immutable. As such writing is the first step to create a space for a differentiated dialogue.

Farewell Pepe! The Legacy of the World’s poorest President

Guerrilla fighter, MP, Senator, Minister and eventually President of Uruguay – José “Pepe” Mujica’s life has been more than eventful. The floriculturist that nowadays occasionally appears shaved and in a

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A Wind of Change Coming Up in Europe: Greece and Spain Turning Left?

The victory of radical-left party Syriza in Greece appears to have driven fresh wind in the sails of left-parties across Europe. This makes centre-right head of governments throughout Europe now

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A Venezuelan Spring: Undermined By Fragmentation and Geopolitical Stakes?

Power cuts, shortages of goods, staggering inflation, corruption and crime rates ranking among the highest on the continent, have become common features in the record of Venezuela. As of recently,

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