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Minja is a second year IRIO student and a layout editor/journalist for C&B. Today, in-depth, analytical journalism is more important than ever, as we see how our news culture is gradually turning into a five-second consumer experience. Minja aims to write articles that expose the intertwined flows of power and money worldwide and hopefully provide the readers with some new perspectives!

Bitcoin mining: Undermining state legitimacy?

Cryptocurrencies are digital assets meant to work as mediums of exchange. They do not rely on central regulation but cryptography which, in the absence of banking control, secures transactions, verifies asset-exchanges and controls the creation of additional units. The first-ever introduced cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, created in 2008 by allegedly pseudonymous Satoshi Nakamoto, has gradually cemented its position as a valid alternative ... Read More »

Covert Partisan Electoral Intervention 101: How to interfere in a democratic election process

Does your next-door-neighbor-democracy have elections coming up, but you are not convinced that they will make a choice that best benefits your country? Don’t worry! Interference in democratic election processes is widely used tactics to get your most-favored candidate to power without caring about international principles such as ‘equal sovereignty’ or ‘par in parem non habet imperium’. These tactics are ... Read More »