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Paula Koehler

How Democratic Debate Suffers Under Self-Censorship

There it is again. You read something you are profoundly disagreeing with on Facebook. Maybe it is an incorrect statement from a politician. Maybe it is a ridiculously wrong post about vaccination effects from your aunt. Maybe it is a misinformed statement from your friend about an article on the economic situation in Nicaragua. You detect that it is wrong ... Read More »

M-Pesa: the mobile revolution in Kenya

In our world, technology has always been a driver for innovation. However, nowadays we tend to perceive it  more and more often as a burden – being available all the time, having to reply to masses of emails and feeling the urge to check our phones every minute of the day. For some it is hard to imagine that in ... Read More »

Life after IR: Understanding and preventing conflicts

Have you ever wondered what you can do with an IRIO degree after you graduate from University? Bob Deen, who has worked in NGOs, with the OSCE and is now running for the Dutch parliament, offers you a unique perspective on the manifold possibilities that open up in life after IR. By Bob Deen:   When I grew up in ... Read More »

Why maps matter: the hidden power relations in world maps

Over centuries maps have been and continue to be an important representation of our understanding of the world. Maps show direction, make the world surrounding us comprehensible and bring order into the unimaginable vastness of earth. However, a depiction of our world might not always be as innocent as we think at first glance. Maps also have the capacity to ... Read More »

Human rights vs Intellectual Property: the global regime of pharmaceutical drugs

Generic pharmaceutical drugs could save the life of millions. Yet, the tension between intellectual property rights and patents of wealthy pharmaceutical companies stands in stark contrast to the need for cheap, affordable medicine in poorer countries. Imagine getting the diagnosis of having kidney and liver cancer. The thought alone sends shudders down your spine. Now imagine that you are so ... Read More »