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Till Eichler


We were told it’s a former KGB prison. A fortress, used by the Soviet Secret Service until the end of the breakdown of the east bloc. I expected a cruel place, maybe isolation cells, maybe an execution room, maybe torture. I expected a testimonial area, witnessing a fragment of horrible practices, from long time ago. I did not know the ... Read More »

Genocide ain’t no Genocide?

Genocide. A word that triggers intense emotions. A word with some of the strongest connotations, comparable to rape, enslavement or torture. Genocide is the bad stuff, the one crime, especially horrendous, that has not been committed by any random country but by only a few. It immediately evokes associations with the Holocaust, killings in Rwanda or the killing fields in ... Read More »

Checks Presents the Three Ultimate Christimas Gifts

Dear faithful Checks Community,  Twelve days left until Christmas, but obviously we could not care less about Christmas, this commercialised and old-fogyish tradition of giving and receiving presents – so materialistic – so outdated. We, the post-materialist generation, we find our happiness in enriching friendships, low-budget travel experiences all around the world, fulfilling jobs, and last but not least the mastering of great challenges on our way, be it increasing integration ... Read More »

Interview with Dr. Bob Reinalda Part II

A few days ago my esteemed colleague Rosa published the first part of the interview we conducted with Dr. Bob Reinalda, a considered expert in the field of international organizations. He has published articles in several journals such as Chronique ONU, the magazine of the UN, and is one of the editors of IO BIO, an bibliographical dictionary of Secretary ... Read More »

Concerning Bombings of Hospitals

When I heard the breaking news about a bombing of a hospital in Kunduz yesterday, I immediately thought of a suicide bombing, of an “act of terror” how it is phrased too often. The fact, that the attack most likely was conducted by the US military did not change my disgust for this happening, but when I found out that it was ... Read More »

The Danger of a single story

Summer break is over but let’s hope nice weather will stay with us for some more days. Students float into Groningen again. Some of them for the first time, scurrying around and trying to find the right buildings. Others are coming back, happy to see their friends again, or sad because routine of studying is inevitably on the march and ... Read More »

Uproar in the Internal Market

Whenever we discuss the evolvement of the European Union it does not take long until someone mentions the achievement of the four freedoms – free movement of goods, services, workers and capital. The trade within EU countries is unlimited and no discrimination must be made between the several countries of origin. I was surprised when I recently heard that French ... Read More »

Malaria Vaccine Found

Every minute a child dies of Malaria. Every year nearly one million people die because of the tropical infection which is one of the deadliest diseases of our time. Just in 2010 1.2 million people died because of the disease. With this information in background current news about the realisation of the first vaccine against the disease sound promising. The ... Read More »

Beyond all scandals

Yesterday, Swiss police entered a luxury hotel in Zurich and arrested seven high functionaries of FIFA, among them two vice presidents of the organization, Jeffrey Webb and Eugenio Figueredo. The men are accused of corruption, and breach of trust. On the same time Swiss authorities investigate against the FIFA itself under suspicion of money laundering and irregularities with regards to ... Read More »