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“The road to power is paved with hypocrisy, and casualties.”   – Frank Underwood

Finally, today is the day of the release of the third season of the so far very successful political thriller and drama series House of Cards. In the third season we can look forward to follow ruthless and coldly calculating Francis Underwood on his further paths of intrigue, blackmail, bargaining and sole pragmatism. Always with a sole aim: the increase of power. ... Read More »

Semester Abroad: A Little Taste of Expat Life

About seven months ago I was waiting in line at Schiphol Airport, jumping around like a little kid seeing a puppy for the first time. This very moment was what I had been waiting for ever since I was in my last year of high school. Finally, I was going on my exchange and the destination was even beyond what ... Read More »

Re-Assessing the Balance of Power

In keeping with our heritage and principles, we do not use our strength to press for unilateral advantage. We seek instead to create a balance of power that favors human freedom: conditions in which all nations and all societies can choose for themselves the rewards and challenges of political and economic liberty. George W. Bush, September 17, 2002 The significance ... Read More »

Into the Deep Web 102: Building on Bitcoin

A more in-depth article today. After looking at the surface of selling and buying on the Deep-Web, let us move away from the nefarious and dark place that it is and see the application of technology invented to enable anonymous transactions on the internet. Let’s look at the real-world applications of the crypto-currency that is Bitcoin. However, it may seem ... Read More »

A Wind of Change Coming Up in Europe: Greece and Spain Turning Left?

The victory of radical-left party Syriza in Greece appears to have driven fresh wind in the sails of left-parties across Europe. This makes centre-right head of governments throughout Europe now shudderingly turning their eyes on Spain’s upcoming elections in the end of the year, in which Podemos, the Spanish counterpart of Syriza, may lastingly alter not only Spain’s, but also ... Read More »

Never forget

While we are commemorating the 70th anniversary of the liberation of the Auschwitz death camp, it is time to ask what the Holocaust means for young Germans today. How can Germany as a country deal with its Nazi-past? How are future generations going to remember this past, when there are no witnesses anymore to tell about the horror of genocide? ... Read More »

Into the Deep Web: The Silk Road Marketplace

Hello again, Last week we took at look at the basics of the Deep Web, how it worked and how you can get access. But other than hiding your radical book club from the all-seeing eye of Google and Bing, what is the point of creating a Deep Web website, it won’t generate a lot of traffic since nobody can ... Read More »

Bye Bye South Stream

Yesterday, the first of December, the Russian President Putin announced the termination of the pipeline project „South Stream“. Russia blames the EU blockade mentality as a reason for this decision.  The project “South Stream” was a co-operation between the Russian energy giant Gazprom and several states in South-East Europe. The aim of the estimated twenty billion expensive investment in pipelines was a ... Read More »

Quill and Ink versus Power Politics: The Continuation of the Cold War Era

Nothing conclusive has yet taken place in the world. For this reason, uncertainty about the future should not be comprehended in a negative fashion. The majority of great people that significantly contributed to the conduct of international affairs did not know where their path led. Konstantin von Eggert is one of them. His career achievements and attitude towards Russia’s current ... Read More »

The Kurdish and Kobane Question

“The Kurdish Question” – that is how official Turkey frames the Kurdish minority politics. Until some twenty years ago it was prohibited and penalized in Turkey to admit that Kurds exist. More recently, the ruling AKP found some answers to the question and negotiated a peace treaty with the PKK and legalized the Kurdish language. Still, Turkey is far from ... Read More »