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The Mountain of Men

Somewhere deep down in the second ‘leg’ of the peninsula of Chalkidiki, Greece, lays a mountain where only men live. Anyone wanting to see the stunning landscape surrounding Mount Athos, must be a man. A man, of course, in the sense of having the stereotypical features of what a man is supposed to be in our current social/societal understandings. Short ... Read More »

Brexit: Reflections From A New Britain

When I closed my eyes on the eve of the 23rd, I had no idea that I would be waking up at 5 am to the face of Nigel Farage, laughing hysterically. For the majority of people waking up on the 24th of June, the result of the referendum was nothing short of a complete and utter shock. Britain had ... Read More »

The OSCE – a Victim of Its Own Legacy

written by Ansgar Fellendorf The Organization, formerly Conference, for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) was created as a product of the Cold War roughly forty years ago in 1975. Then it was a much celebrated success of multilateral diplomacy, retaining the status quo and aggressive Realpolitik in Europe. Now, in 2016, the institution and its decision-makers have to act carefully ... Read More »

Towards global justice: Pax Initiative

It is crazy how people know everything about Kylie Jenner’s lipstick but not about what ICJ does…like which war it prevented and so on.  The Pax Initiative is a non-governmental organisation launched at the end of 2015 by a team of young and passionate professionals who aim at gathering and empowering youth from all over the world. The NGO focuses ... Read More »

Localism, Internationalism, and Nationalism: A 21st Century Debate

written by Aleksis Oreschnikoff   Connectivity is all around us. We strive for network accessibility, and in many ways, location has shifted from geographical to virtual: when I’m online, where else would I be? Networks and data communications are developing at a speed that demands structural changes to our economic, political, and social systems. The emerging new structures will be largely ... Read More »

(Review) Orhan Pamuk: history, politics, and melancholy in modern Turkey

Studying scholarly facts-based history can sometimes elude us from understanding human experience in terms of feeling and emotion. We can often escape from the dangers of this (potentially) alienating experience by supplementing the study of classical accounts of history with other non-scholarly sources: historical fiction, memoirs, diaries, etc. In the current cross-cultural debate, one can find valuable insights in the ... Read More »

The European Left: All Eyes On Slovenia

The Left in Europe has shown glimpses of electoral success recently in both Greece and Spain. Even a grey-haired, bearded, self-titled socialist has been elected as the leader of the Labour party in the United Kingdom with a enormous mandate. Yet, the Left in Europe is still struggling to make any significant impact on the wider politics of Europe. Why ... Read More »

Designing Change: The Rise of Humanitarian Architecture

by Aleksis Oreschnikoff – an independent writer interested in living better As Europe faces an unprecedented influx of refugees fleeing conflict in Syria, international organizations, and international humanitarian development look for solutions both in- and outside of the Union. In many European capitals, housing and redevelopment schemes are recreated to meet current demand. However, much needs to be done in the ... Read More »

Crowdfunding Journalism – Alternative Funding for Alternative Journalism

At the end of January, the Washington-based ‘fact think’ Paw Research Center published a report on crowdfunded journalism that brings again on the spotlight the hope for a long-term rehabilitation of the written word. Crowdfunding is the process of collecting money from a large group of people for a specific project, usually conducted via Internet. In the evolving digital era, ... Read More »