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Constructing National Unity: rooting side by side?

At Evergrande Football School’s campus, only the big football on the main square would prevent a stroller from thinking he or she would be in a university campus of Oxford or Cambridge. With 2500 players and fifty football pitches, Evergrande Football School is the biggest football school in the world, and other than its nineteenth-century architecture would suggest, it has ... Read More »

Dhivehin Dilemma – The Story of Revived Maldivian Democracy and Indian Ocean Power Politics

The word ‘Maldives’ evokes pictures of paradise in the collective imaginary. Yet, there beyond the turquoise lagoons, coral reefs and palm tree hammocks, hidden from the tourists’ eyes, unfolds a somewhat different tale – a tale of the struggle between democracy and authoritarianism, a tale of the contest for influence between two of Asia’s most powerful tigers – China and ... Read More »

The Politics Behind Hummus

  The Arab-Israeli conflict has been ongoing since after the end of the second World War as a result of conflicting claims of the land, Zionism, and, as a response, Arab nationalism. This conflict has been a dance from wars to peace agreements, to yet another war and yet another peace agreement. Still, this conflict is not over, and is ... Read More »

G7: An Unconventional View of Diplomacy in the Big Picture

The practice of diplomacy is generally seen as the alternative to the practice of war. More significantly, where diplomacy fails, war will logically follow. For, as military theorist Carl von Clausewitz famously defined in the early nineteenth century already, “War is the continuation of politics by other means.” Therefore, politics precedes war, and politics is ought to prevent the outbreak ... Read More »

One Ball to Unite Them All – Politics of the FIFA World Cup

“Football brings us together in one single team and we are united by our affection for this spectacular, vibrant, uncompromising game. Players of these teams have a great degree of mutual understanding, a unity which cannot be affected by different language, ideology or faith. It represents the power of football and sport as a whole. The power of its humanistic ... Read More »

How Truckers’ Protest Brings Change to Brazilian Politics

In Brasilia, the capital of Brazil, life is standing still. Since over a week, the main highway is blocked by countless trucks. Hundreds of uniform-looking school busses drive past, horns blaring in an unorchestrated concert. The vehicles are adorned with Brazilian flags, spray-painted in the national colours and wallpapered in protest-signs. “Stop the thieving” is one of the most common ... Read More »

Malaysia’s 92-Year-Old Comeback Kid, Mahathir Mohamad

With the surprise victory of the opposition on May 9th, it is the first time since its independence in 1957 that Malaysia has seen a peaceful transfer of power like this. The United Malays National Organization (UMNO) had long been the dominant political force in the country, using its far-reaching patronage system to maintain power and influence. It was a ... Read More »