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  • Alexandra Voinescu

    Alexandra Voinescu

    Imagine that with some simple words, you can understand the world. I want to invite you to the heart of the international dynamics. It will be a lot of fun..since I tend to compare the world diplomacy with sport's blunders. Let the game begin!
  • Alex Vite

    Part-time student in International Relations in the Netherlands and always on the move to find the the right kick for his urge for adventure. Born in the Soviet Union and raised in Western Germany created a character without roots, making it easier to see every couch or bed in another country as one's own. To him experience is more important than knowledge.
  • Anouk Brekhof
  • Ansgar Fellendorf

    I enjoy finding stories, meeting people, experiencing the world and then share it not only on social media, but also by writing blogs. Currently I study "International Relations" at the University of Groningen with special interests in environmental issues, human rights and European integration.
  • Bjarn Eck
  • Caitlin Reder

    Caitlin is a second year student of International Relations at Groningen University and the secretary of Checks and Balances. She has a special interest in human rights issues and international politics. While writing for Checks and Balances she hopes to inform readers truthfully about global news.
  • Casper De Boer

    Casper De Boer

    My name is Casper de Boer, a first year IR student, who is willing to discover all the beauty and ugliness that the world that we're living on has to offer. I am new to the Checks & Balances team, I'll be handling the lay-out of the magazine and write an monthly article. Moreover I am currently working on a first novel. I hope that my addition to the team may open new paths to you as reader. Understanding the world around ourselves is a complex task, fortunately it is equally fascinating at the same time.
  • Claire Defossez

    As third a year IRIO student I have found my interest in cultures, languages and art. I aim to provide you with articles about striking events that ocurred and make you think a little to form your opinion on any matter. As you can see this website is full of wide-ranging interesting articles, so definitely read on!
  • Coen Berkhout

    Coen is a fourth year International Relations student. Focusing on Technology, Philosophy and Politics, he tries to bring you interesting articles that challenge your view of the world and hopefully make you look towards the future. In his personal life his greatest joy is playing Lacrosse for the Groningen Gladiators
  • Dan Mocanu
  • Denise Overkleeft

    Denise Overkleeft

    Denise Overkleeft is a first year student of International Relations and International Organization. As reporter, she is responsible for writing news as it happens. She hopes to reveal the mountains beyond the tip of the iceberg.
  • Dorien van Dam

    I try to find the humor and irony in IR, make global events accesible and understandable. My aim is to offer new and surprising perspectives on the world as we know it.
  • Eline Westra

    Master student in Human Rights & Democratisation - Venice, Italy & Thessaloniki, Greece. Passionate about the possibilities of language(s), convinced of the beauty of cultural exchange. Eternally curious.
  • Erik Parigger
  • Freddie Daley

    Freddie Daley

    I am interested in lots of things and occasionally write them down.
  • Freya van Ellen

    Hey everyone, my name is Freya and I am currently a third-year Bachelor student of IRIO. As beautiful as Groningen is, right now I am not in this beautiful city, but rather 16479 km away at the other end of the world, in Canberra, Australia. I would like to give you an insight in my life here and maybe help you with some advice if you plan to spend your semester abroad in Australia. Feel free to read, comment or ask questions. I can assure you one thing: Australia really is the most beautiful country in the world.
  • Guest Contributor

    Got a story to share yourself? – We are always happy to publish articles about the wide array of international politics from guest authors on our page. So, do not hesitate and send your text! You can email us at
  • Hannah Fautsch

    What reveals most about a person are the little things they do; not the big gestures - or so I've heard. The same applies for events in politics. The small things we never hear about can have massive consequences. I am interested in uncovering both the unknown and finding new perspectives on the known and how both are shaping the political landscape today.
  • Hessel Meinderts

    Hessel is a second year's IRIO student at the University of Groningen. He aims to give attention to those stories that are not covered in the every day news and build seemingly invisible bridges between different developments, while at the same time incorporating his personal life into the articles he makes.
  • Jakob Albrecht

    Jakob Albrecht

    Jakob Albrecht is a first-year International Relations student at the University of Groningen. He grew up in Northern Germany and spent a year in China after high school. Jakob is glad to share interesting perspectives on global politics with you.
  • Jan Sedlacek

    Jan Sedlacek

    Jan is a first year IRIO student in Groningen. He is Czech, grew up in Qatar and has the honour to contribute to C&B as a reporter. Recognising the need for general awareness in an era of unprecedented change, he hopes to enrich the readership’s comprehension of our intriguing and tightly interconnected world. His areas of interest include geopolitics, modern history and aviation.
  • Jannick Scheepstra

    Jannick Scheepstra

    Jannick Scheepstra is a fourth-year IRIO student and C&B Multimedia Editor. He is interested in identity politics and minority rights, as well as environmental policy. He aims to cover subjects that often fall by the wayside in mainstream western media and offer fresh perspectives on IR.
  • Joe Ray

    Joe Ray

    3rd-year BA International Relations at the University of Groningen and Associate Editor at Diplomat Magazine. Articles on international affairs and life as a British student in the Netherlands.
  • Kaan Tu

    Kaan Tu

    Kaan is a first years IRIO student, eager to share his views with the world.
  • Kristina Preiksaityte

    Kristina is a graduate of International Relations and International Organisations. She is currently working at the Centre for Language and Culture, University of Groningen, where she teaches Public Speaking in Various Cultural Contexts.
  • Leonie Jegen

    Studying international relations in the Netherlands and on a mission to learn as much as possible about the people of this planet. Born and raised in Berlin, but also lived in France, New Zealand and heading to Greece soon - I can say from experience that prejudices hinder a good story from being heard.
  • Lina Rusch

    Lina Rusch is a third year IRIO student and currently reports from Ukraine, where she is doing a semester abroad.
  • Lucia Mohr

    Lucia is a second year student of IRIO in Groningen. She has a special interest in the environment and in international organisations. As a reporter of Checks & Balances, she aims at asking critical questions whilst trying to open readers' eyes that would otherwise remain closed.
  • Lydia Walter

    Lydia Walter is at the moment doing her bachelor in IRIO with a special interest in history, human rights and languages. Curiosity about different cultures and people motivate her to travel and read as much as possible.
  • José-Manuel Heinze

    My interest of research focuses on subjects related to system inequality expressed in lack of participatory democracy, geopolitical dynamics, and impacts of economic sanctions. I like to think of writing as a way of critically reflecting upon conditions that are generally perceived as immutable. As such writing is the first step to create a space for a differentiated dialogue.
  • Meindert Boersma

    Meindert Boersma is a freshman IRIO student. As this is an extroadinary time in history to read about the things happening in the world of global politics, he feels priviliged having the opportunity to share his enthousiasm and to guide you through the subtle causes of major headlines and the big consequences of unheard phenomena.
  • Mel Avila
  • Minja Sillanpää

    Minja is a second year IRIO student and a layout editor/journalist for C&B. Today, in-depth, analytical journalism is more important than ever, as we see how our news culture is gradually turning into a five-second consumer experience. Minja aims to write articles that expose the intertwined flows of power and money worldwide and hopefully provide the readers with some new perspectives!
  • Montijn Huisman

    Religion, American politics, hip hop music, human rights, international law, minorities, crime; as a third year IRIO student I am interested in a lot of different things. When writing for Checks&Balances I try to pick those topics that I think will interest you and provide you with a background of the daily news. Be sure to check out this website regularly for new articles!
  • Paul Haseloop

    Paul Haseloop is a second year IR-student who is mainly interested in lobbying, communication and national politics. You can also follow him on Twitter: @PaulHaseloop.
  • Paula Koehler
  • Pia Dijkstra

    Pia Dijkstra is a fourth year student of International Relations and International Organisation. She is currently finishing her bachelor's degree and has a specific interest in media and democratisation.
  • Rosa de Rijk
  • Ruerd Haringsma

    Ruerd Haringsma, 5th year Master student of International Relations at the University of Groningen, traveler, part-time adventurer and reader of books, searches the deep, dark caverns of the internet to bring you the most fresh, astounding and arcane news of international relations. He also has a beard.
  • Sander Des Tombe

    Sander is an IRIO student with a distinct interest in IPE topics in order to deconstruct the quandary of economic development. He has done voluntary work in Mozambique and Ecuador, travelled through South-America and spent some time in Cuba.
  • Sean Cotter-Lem

    Sean Cotter-Lem

    Sean Cotter-Lem is a student at the University of Groningen, and the Editor-in-Chief of Checks & Balances for the academic year 2017-2018. Through his writing, he hopes to capture some of the nuances of contemporary international relations and politics. You can follow him on Twitter: @scotlem7
  • Steffen Engling

    As a second-year student I try to bring you some exceptional IRIO stories. Be ready to hear about topics as varied as minority and religious politics as well as the economic background of world politics.
  • Taylan Ozver

    Taylan Ozver

    Analyst of International Relations. Interested in 20th Century History, Humanitarian Intervention, War Studies and European Union-Turkey Relations. Also, a big fan of Galatasaray.
  • Teun Van der Horst
  • Till Eichler
  • Tobias Frankema

    Studies IR/IO, but too attached to the Netherlands to aspire an international career. Loves football which is as a matter of fact his only hobby.
  • Tom Bosma

    Tom Bosma is a third year student in IR/IO with a specific interest for the relationship between International Relations and subjects such as sustainable development, culture and technology.
  • Victoria Luconi

    Victoria Luconi

    Intuitive wanderer. Third year bachelor in IRIO. Particularly interested in observing the world and its self-empowerement capabilities. Reading and writing are my full time hobbies. I hope that i contribute to this journal in the best ways.

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